Your Conscious Awakening


Your Conscious Awakening

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ISBN: 9780473585556
Title: Your Conscious Awakening

Awakening is not just opening your eyes… it’s opening your mind, body, and spirit. Awakening is allowing consciousness to spread through you. This self-healing manual will empower you to awaken to the truest you.

The awakening journey can be difficult, messy and tiring. You can feel very isolated and confused as to what to do to navigate your intuitive gifts and understand your purpose.
Raphael will help you navigate this journey through this book deep-diving into being an empath, boundaries, intuitive awakening, healing from trauma, inner-child healing, aligning to who you want to be, holistic health, and much more.

Whether you are new on this journey or struggling to find alignment, this book will support you with understanding yourself better. It provides a range of tools and teachings as well as 11 practical meditations to support your healing journey and mindset shifts.

This is not just a book, it is a self-healing manual to help you find your own answers.

Raphael is an Awakening Coach, Author, Intuitive, and Counsellor.
Raphael’s mission is to empower people through their awakening to take control of their journey by teaching self-healing, intuitive connection, and embodiment work. Your Conscious Awakening is Raphael’s first book sharing tools, practices, and techniques for self-healing, intuitive development, conscious connection and holistic health. These learnings have been implemented with clients over the last two years with amazing success… now you can access them at your own pace in this book.

Are you ready to discover the deeper you?

Format: Paperback
Publication date: 02/02/2022


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