Whats Your Pronoun – Beyond He And She


Whats Your Pronoun – Beyond He And She

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ISBN: 9781631498718
Title: Whats Your Pronoun – Beyond He And She

Heralded as required reading (Geoff Nunberg) and the book (Anne Fadiman) for anyone interested in the conversation swirling around gender-neutral and nonbinary pronouns, What’s Your Pronoun? is a classic in the making. Providing much-needed historical context and analysis to the debate around what we call ourselves, Dennis Baron brings new insight to a centuries-old topic and illuminates how? and why? these pronouns are sparking confusion and prompting new policies in schools, workplaces, and even statehouses. Enlightening and affirming, What’s Your Pronoun? introduces a new way of thinking about language, gender, and how they intersect.

Format: Paperback
Publication date: 11/02/2021

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