Truthmaker – 2 The Severed Land


Truthmaker – 2 The Severed Land

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ISBN: 9780143776710
Title: Truthmaker – 2 The Severed Land

The sequel to Maurice Gee’s The Severed Land, written by Tony Chapelle, authorised and endorsed by Maurice Gee

‘This sequel captures the essence of my novel and takes my characters on a tense and dangerous journey through the world of The Severed Land.’ – Maurice Gee

Picking up where The Severed Land left off, this suspense-filled novel continues the story of the brave ex-slave Fliss. Despite her idyllic life behind the safety of the wall, she can’t help longing for someone special to fill the vague sense of loneliness that nags at her. That is until a young man appears, preaching peace and unity.

His arrival, however, is about to send Fliss and her friend Minnie back through the wall on a hazardous mission. There’s danger at every corner, perilous journeys and always the threat of betrayal and capture.

Format: Paperback
Publication date: 28/09/2021

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