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ISBN: 9781408884676
Title: Tenderness

The spellbinding story of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and the society that put it on trial; the story of a novel and its ripple effects across half a century, and about the transformative and triumphant power of fiction itself.

‘Tenderness is a triumph and it will conquer your heart. Stunning, illuminating, but also, profoundly moving’ ELIF SHAFAK

‘Powerful, moving, brilliant … An utterly captivating read’ ELIZABETH GILBERT

‘As sublimely crafted as a novel could ever be. I’m in awe of Alison MacLeod’s powers’ ISABELLA TREE

D. H. Lawrence is dying. Exiled in the Mediterranean, he dreams of the past. There are the years early in his marriage during the war, where his desperation drives him to commit a terrible betrayal. And there is a woman in an Italian courtyard, her chestnut hair red with summer.

Jacqueline and her husband have already been marked out for greatness. Passing through New York, she slips into a hearing where a book, not a man, is brought to trial.

A young woman and a young man meet amid the restricted section of a famous library, and make love.

Scattered and blown by the winds of history, their stories are bound together, and brought before the jury. On both sides of the Atlantic, society is asking, and continues to ask: is it Obscenity – or is it Tenderness?

‘Gorgeously written and meticulously conceived’ DAVID LEAVITT

Format: Trade Paper
Publication date: 14/09/2021

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