Mushroom Magick – Ritual Celebration And Lore


Mushroom Magick – Ritual Celebration And Lore

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ISBN: 9781454944485
Title: Mushroom Magick – Ritual Celebration And Lore

A fascinating and enlightening celebration of mushrooms and the magic of the forest for those who revel in mushroom imagery and lore.
Mushrooms-as a decorative element, as a signifier of the mystery of the forest, and as an adorable emblem of witchy cottagecore dreams-have proliferated in the collective consciousness as of late. Mushroom Magick is a whimsical collection of mushroom facts and fables divided into three sections: first, profiles of 22 well-known mushrooms include information on biology and common uses as well as a rundown of their energetic properties and suggestions for incorporating them into spellwork. Section two provides a world-spanning collection of mushroom myths and fables. The final section is a taste of the spells and rituals that you can perform with common mushrooms such as creminis, shiitakes, and portobellos-carved candles, floor washes, teas, and even some yummy meals can improve your love life, super-charge your good fortune, or even cast a well-deserved hex upon your most hated enemy.

Format: Hardback
Publication date: 14/06/2022

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