Kiwi Garages


Kiwi Garages

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ISBN: 9781988538952
Title: Kiwi Garages

Ever wondered what Kiwis get up to in their garages? Kiwi Garages celebrates the can-do culture, lifting the doors of over 30 self-styled Kiwi garages from tinkerers and collectors to top-of-the-range techno dreamers. A modern take on Blokes in Sheds
30-plus Kiwi garages profiled from across provincial New Zealand and delves deep into the inner sanctums of proud owners’ ‘man caves’ and ‘her spaces’ Creative, colourful and innovative profiles that will inspire any proud Kiwi to deck their own garage out in style.

Format: Hardback
Publication date: 15/11/2021

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Dimensions 225 × 190 mm


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