Dad Man Walking


Dad Man Walking

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ISBN: 9780143775171
Title: Dad Man Walking

The ups and downs of dad life, as drawn by award-winning cartoonist Toby Morris.

Toby- What do dads do?
Kid- Drink a lot of beer.

Honest and real, warts and all, here are the ups and downs of modern dad life as drawn by award-winning cartoonist (and dad) Toby Morris.
With over 100 full-colour pages of Toby’s unmistakable, original artwork this cool little hardcover opens a window into the world of being a modern dad, from the sweetest, loveliest, warm hearted-est bits to the f@*%ing annoying bits.
Hilarious, moving and relatable, it’s the ultimate gift for the Dad Man Walking in your life.

Format: Hardback
Publication date: 03/08/2021

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