Circadian Diabetes Code


Circadian Diabetes Code

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ISBN: 9781785044021
Title: Circadian Diabetes Code

The first book to bring circadian science to diabetes by a leading scientist in the field with a global reputation.

It’s not what you eat that makes a difference, it’s when.

Based on cutting-edge research from Dr Satchin Panda’s and others’ labs, The Circadian Diabetes Code takes circadian rhythm science to the next level showing how we can use intermittent fasting to treat, manage, and, in some cases, reverse diabetes and prediabetes.

Time-restricted eating forms the backbone of the intermittent fasting weight loss protocol and has been scientifically shown to be an effective tool in the personal fight against diabetes. In this book, Dr Panda shows you how by following this protocol and eating all your food and drink within a ten-hour window of time you can reverse pre-diabetes, manage type 2 diabetes with less medication, enhance immunity, and lose weight along the way. Find out-

How to manage your blood glucose response – with varies day and night
When it’s best to sleep, exercise and take medication
Ways to eat carbs that don’t impact on your health

The Circadian Diabetes Code gives you the power to take back control and enhance every aspect of your wellbeing!

Format: Trade Paper
Publication date: 09/11/2021

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