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Art Deco New Zealand

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ISBN: 9781869664824
Title: Art Deco New Zealand

This eye-catching book offers a national perspective on New Zealand’s mid-twentieth century Art Deco heritage and explores its impact on the appearance of many of the country’s towns and cities. Art Deco buildings of famous locations like Napier and Hastings are considered, but this accessible book also brings to our attention the extent of Art Deco built heritage in small-town New Zealand; from as far north as Kaitaia to Invercargill in Southland.Author Terry Moyle undertook extensive research in consultation with historians, councils and museums to identify the best places in New Zealand to find intact examples of Art Deco built heritage. The book’s generous use of detailed illustration also brings back to life buildings that have since been lost or extensively changed. These evocative illustrations created by Terry and his partner at Contour Creative Studio, Rosie Louise, sit alongside historic and contemporary photographs and make for an aesthetically impressive book and an absorbing browsing experience.Art Deco New Zealand includes over fifty illustrations of New Zealand’s Art Deco post offices, picture theatres, hotels, petrol stations and other commercial buildings as well as illustrated maps. Art Deco New Zealand provides a fascinating and useful overview of a significant part of New Zealand’s culture to be discovered while travelling in the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

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Publication date: 29/09/2017

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