Against White Feminism


Against White Feminism

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ISBN: 9780241446096
Title: Against White Feminism

A powerfully persuasive account of what white feminism is and an empowering manifesto for revolution

Feminism is founded on a belief in equality. And in the past 200 years it has made incredible gains- paving the way for women to advance economically, increasing their safety and their power in society, and advocating for their needs and experiences.

But not all women.

Since its conception, feminism has catered to a very particular group of people- middle class, cis-gendered, Western, and above all, white. And this has not merely been an oversight, a failure of inclusion. It has been an active and sustained strategy.

Rafia Zakaria traces the connections between feminism and white supremacy from the suffrage movement to the ‘fourth wave’ we see today, demonstrating how this movement based on equality has always been riddled with inequality and exploitation. And she issues a powerful call to arms to every reader to build a new kind of feminism which will light the path to true emancipation for all.

Format: Hardback
Publication date: 09/09/2021

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