Against All Odds


Against All Odds

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ISBN: 9781927305669
Title: Against All Odds

This dramatic story of hope and devotion is based entirely on the cache of letters and documents found in an old 1930s leather suitcase. Intrigued by these family letters, Jillian Rothwell travelled half way across the world to trace generations of her family’s journey from the Hapsburg Empire’s Eastern provinces to occupied Vienna and beyond. Out of the carnage that was engulfing Europe, she uncovered the astonishing story of two courageous and remarkable Viennese who steered the family’s miraculous survival, astonishing luck, dramatic departures and last minute getaways, all the way to the safe haven of New Zealand. At first it was not all plain sailing, but eventually their new home provided hope, purpose and abundant opportunities for the family to finally ‘make it’ with her escapee father becoming a prominent member of the New Zealand medical profession

Format: Trade Paper
Publication date: 08/09/2020

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