Letters to Young People

By Glenn Colquhoun | Price: $35.00

“At once elemental and endless, dreamlike and discursive, quotidian and questioning, Glenn Colquhoun’s stunning collection of poems Letters to Young People offers through language the possibility of healing. Like the doctor he is, this poet looks upon each of us in all our naked complexity and sees the bird perched on the branch of suffering, hears the song our trouble heart is. Master of image and metaphor, he understands our bodies for what they truly are: the stories upon stories we have borne and accumulated. ‘What is it that heals?’ he asks:

A step to the left?

A step to the right?

What is a song after all?

If not the making

of something

out of nothing?

Read this book to feel again what it is like to be young, to be comforted, to be in the world made new and alive.”

Dr Rafael Campo, Harvard Medical School.



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