Free To Be Children

By Robyn Salisbury | Price: $39.99

It’s time to do something different to stop child sexual abuse in Aotearoa New Zealand. It wrecks lives, families and communities. In this landmark book, well-known registered clinical psychologist Robyn Salisbury seeks the wisdom of those who have devoted many years, each in their own domain, to working with child sexual abuse. Free to Be Children makes a major and unique contribution to understanding how we can best tackle the tragedy of child sexual abuse as a nation, and how urgent it is that we do.

Robyn Salisbury is a registered clinical psychologist and sex therapist with many years’ experience in private practice. Her particular interests are in-depth individual psychotherapy and dealing with issues of sexuality and intimacy with individuals and couples. For many years, as ‘Mrs Salisbury’, she has written a weekly magazine column, focusing on relationship and sexuality. Her practice is based in Palmerston North.

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