Ann Shelton: Dark Matter

By Ann Shelton | Price: $94

Ann Shelton: Dark Matter traces the 20-year career of a leading New Zealand photographer. Ann Shelton’s evolution as a camera artist with a unique, penetrating vision into the culture and history of New Zealand is beautifully illustrated in this book, which includes multiple examples from all her important bodies of work. Dark Matter begins with Shelton’s early 1990s work which is known for its unflinchingly raw, autobiographical content. Through a series of essays which address the main themes in Shelton’s art and illuminate her particular approach readers are shown the way the artist’s exacting eye and fastidious research practice developed. The book presents Shelton’s well-known images of infamous historical sites in New Zealand alongside her more internationally-focused work and her latest, striking suite of photographs depicting ikebana. Ann Shelton: Dark Matter is both a photography lover’s book and a book lover’s object of desire.

Shortlisted for the Ockham New Zealand Books Awards 2017.

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