Whole Vegetable


Whole Vegetable

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ISBN: 9780241465134
Title: Whole Vegetable

A beautiful compendium of seasonal recipes to celebrate our most versatile, vibrant and sustainable ingredient – the vegetable

Have you ever wondered how to make your diet truly sustainable? In The Whole Vegetable, Sophie Gordon shows us- cook with every part of every vegetable, reduce waste, reinvent your leftovers and eat seasonally.

In this stunning cookbook, over 130 creative, delicious, eco-conscious recipes put vegetables at the very centre of the table, making them the star of the show and embracing oft-discarded parts such as leaves, stalks, tops, flowers, seeds and even peelings. From Cauliflower Carbonara, Broccoli Pesto and Chunky Pumpkin Tacos, to Cherry Breakfast Crumble, Maple-Roasted Pears and Apple and Walnut Danish Buns, The Whole Vegetable is packed with thoughtful recipes for every season, to ensure that nothing in your kitchen goes to waste.

Format: Hardback
Publication date: 06/01/2022

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