What Is This – Ancient Questions For Modern Minds


What Is This – Ancient Questions For Modern Minds

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Title: What Is This – Ancient Questions For Modern Minds

What is this? Ancient questions for modern minds presents talks given by Martine and Stephen Batchelor during a So n (Chan/Zen) retreat in England in 2016. Leading us through the practice of radical questioning at the heart of this Korean Buddhist tradition, the authors show how anyone at all can benefit from this form of radical inquiry today.

These talks demonstrate clearly how a practice with origins in China a thousand years ago can meld with insights from the natural sciences, classical and modern western philosophy, Romantic poetry, and early Buddhism. The reader can use this book as a companion in facing the challenge of living a fully human life in our complex contemporary world, or as a practice manual, or both.

Stephen Batchelor is a writer, teacher and artist. He trained as a So n monk in Korea for four years. He is the author of Buddhism without beliefs, After Buddhism and, most recently, Secular Buddhism. He is a co-founder of Bodhi College.

Martine Batchelor lived as a So n nun in Korea for ten years. She is author of Meditation for life, The path of compassion, Women in Korean Zen and Let go. Her most recent book is The spirit of the Buddha.

Martine and Stephen have taught at Gaia House since 1986. They live in southwest France, and conduct seminars and retreats worldwide.

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Publication date: 01/05/2019

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