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Teine Samoa

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ISBN: 9780473527495
Title: Teine Samoa

Teine Samoa means Samoan girl. It’s a label that carries with it an unspoken duty to obey, serve and respect your family and Samoan culture. But who can be teine Samoa? When should you be teine Samoa? And how can you be teine Samoa outside of Samoa?

Lani is an afakasi, and is unsure of her Samoan heritage and what being Samoan even means. But one thing she knows for sure is that she’s afraid of Vai and the ‘Real Samoans’. Masina, the free-spirited daughter of a Church Minister, is bound by parental expectations and struggling to fulfill the destiny set by her parents. Teuila is the good Islander girl and proud teine Samoa who realises she doesn’t want to be a ‘switcher’ anymore.

How will these junior high school students learn to be, understand and fulfill their obligations as Teine Samoa, living in New Zealand?

Teine Samoa is a journey of cultural identity and discovery for four junior high school students, their families, their teachers and, most importantly, anyone who has ever faced the challenges of being a teine Samoa.

Format: Paperback
Publication date: 10/10/2020

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