Nordic Book of Runes


Nordic Book of Runes

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ISBN: 9781782497448
Title: Nordic Book of Runes

Once the sacred alphabet of the Germanic people of Northern Europe, Runes (meaning a secret or mystery) are more than 2,000 years old. Runes were words of power, once carved on amulets, rings and weapons, and found as inscriptions on tombstones. The 1st Rune, Fehu, is connected with cattle, and since wealth was measured in the number of cows a person owned, it has an underlying meaning of material wealth. The 11th Rune, Isa, literally means ‘ice’, signifying danger and the probability of slipping up. Likewise, the 17th Rune, Tiwaz, shares its significance with the North Star as an aid to navigation and charting life’s path. In this insightful book, each of the runes is fully described, together with the symbolic images and celestial phenomena associated with them. Methods of laying out, or ‘casting’ the Runes are described in order to give a full and comprehensive reading to answer any question. There are six spreads to choose from, from Odin’s Rune, a simple reading with one rune stone, to using up to nine runes for deeper insight into the past, present and future.

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