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My Rebel Journal

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ISBN: 9781760524340
Title: My Rebel Journal

Learn more about yourself, your life and your future with the help of rebel women throughout history!

This fantastic fill-in journal lets readers find their own inner rebel with help from some of the world’s greatest women. From historical world leaders to modern pioneers and international muses, this journal draws inspiration from the incredible life stories of women around the world, allowing readers to use their example of strength, bravery and creativity in tons of interactive quizzes, charts, sketching activities and much more.

Readers can find out how the great women of the past overcame the same issues that girls all over the world have to face in modern society: inequality, gender stereotyping, body shaming, bullying and much more. With life stories, quotes and advice from rebel women from Cleopatra to Amelia Earhart and Malala Yousafzai, this is a fantastic keepsake book to empower girls everywhere.

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