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God Culture – Book One


God Culture – Book One

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ISBN: 9781614489870
Title: God Culture – Book One

Have you ever heard yourself cry out through the chaos, \”God where are you? Why is this happening?\” or perhaps even, \”God, are you real?\” In a tattooed pop culture world that is perpetually trying to keep up with the Kardashians, God Culture introduces a greater knowledge of God and an invitation to engage in a deeper and more intimate relationship that will transform your life.

With worldwide plagues such as rampant terrorism and children shooting children, God Culture explores Jesus’ true intention of reconnecting mankind with Yahweh, while revealing why God behaves as He does, how we can learn to comprehend and relate to Him, and ultimately how we can apply His wisdom to our individual present day life experience leading to our ultimate destinies.

God Culture dispels the age-old myth that \”God works in mysterious ways.\” The misunderstanding of God’s true motives, methods and divine nature has left millions of people yearning for answers to such timeless questions as \”Why did God allow that? Has God left me? Or does He even exist?\” When \”Life can only be truly understood when looking backward\” those who feel lost, confused and perhaps even abandoned will discover that He actually uses the every-day challenges and chaos of life to cultivate His will while simultaneously connecting with us on a personal level.

This thought-provoking discussion has been composed to help you gain a new understanding of God and to develop the knowledge of and insights into God’s behavior, plan and purpose. If you have been perplexed by the daily chaos of life don’t miss God Culture. As you peer into the supernatural realm of heaven the God you discover may be quite different than you could have ever imagined.

Format: Trade Paper
Publication date: 01/05/2014

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