Franklin Antique Globe – 30cm 12inch


Franklin Antique Globe – 30cm 12inch

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Title: Franklin Antique Globe – 30cm 12inch

The Replogle Franklin 12 inch diameter Desktop Raised Relief Antique Ocean World Globe is among our best selling models.

The beautiful antique color globe ball and vast amount of information will peak the interest of any geographical connoisseur with over 4000 place names and political boundaries.

World Classic globe shows mountain peak elevations in feet. Along the edge of every continental land mass are wavy line markers. The lines are used to indicate the boundaries between land and ocean. The world classic maps shows major shipping routes and distances between major shipping ports. All shipping routes are measured in nautical miles.

The World class map shows famous explorers ships, Including Christoper Columbus “Niña” “Pinta” “Santa Maria”, Leif Eriksson “Viking Longship”, Vasco da Gama “São Gabriel”, James Cook “Endeavor”, Abel Tasman “Heemskerck”, Charles Wilkes “Vincennes”, Charles Darwin “H.M.S. Beagle”, Ferdinand Magellan “Victoria” and much more.

The globe is held by a durable, sturdy base and a numbered semi meridian marking the earth’s degrees of latitude. The raised relief embossing reveals the world’s main mountain ranges in a three dimensional way. This world globe is a great value and the perfect size and for desktops and book shelves. This beautiful antique world globe will lend itself to any room in your home or office.

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