France – Insight Fleximap


France – Insight Fleximap

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ISBN: 9781780054650
Title: France – Insight Fleximap

\”Flexi Map France\” is a double-sided, laminated, road map at a scale of 1:1 Million (1cm = 10km). The tear-resistant finish makes it durable and easy to fold. The extensive index has separate listings for place names and significant points of interest. There are approximately 1,800 points of interest marked on the map, including National Parks, waterfalls, caves, historical and religious sites, sport and leisure venues, and festival sites. Each one is accompanied by a pictorial symbol for instant recognition – the legend lists over 90 different symbols and is shown in 4 languages. A detailed city plan of Paris is included at a scale of 1:15 000 (1cm = 0.15km) on which selected public buildings, hotels, places of interest, Metro stations and routes are marked and named. An inset map of Corsica is also included. In addition to the road and rail networks, ferry routes and airports, this map provides an overview of the topography through the use of relief shading, with mountain ranges named and peak heights given. When unfolded, \”Flexi Map France\” measures 143cm x 50cm.

Format: Map
Publication date: 03/06/2013


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