Alyssa – 1 Welcome To New York


Alyssa – 1 Welcome To New York

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ISBN: 9780473574291
Title: Alyssa – 1 Welcome To New York

Alyssa is a combat-trained sixteen-year-old from New Zealand. She’s courageous, ambitious and highly skilled; she needs to be, because she’s heading to New York. The city is populated by Marines, rebels, vigilantes, the wealthy elite and the hard-working lower class – and it’s entirely cut off from the rest of the world, imprisoned in self-sustaining anarchy. Alyssa can’t wait. But then, mere days after arriving, she’s kidnapped. Alyssa finds herself trapped amongst strangers who challenge every-thing she’s been taught, and she doesn’t know how to sift the fact from the fiction. What’s really going on in New York City? Who can she trust? She wants answers. But first she needs to survive. This is exciting, imaginative, sophisticated, fast-paced and extremely well written fiction with wide appeal for all ages.


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