Love Letter Finalists: NZ Bookshop Day

By | November 25, 2017

As part of New Zealand Bookshop Day celebrations, you may remember the ‘Write a Love Letter to Your Bookshop’ competition. This competition received over 270 entries – and of the 23 finalists, two were our customers.

We send our warmest congratulations and deepest thanks to Victoria Jakobs and Maureen Sudlow. Your wonderful letters are much appreciated, as are all the letters that our customers took the time to write.

Read Victoria and Maureen’s love letters below:

I love my bookshop because…

When I walk in, there is a smile & my name. And like good barista’s, they know I like my books dense, dark and slightly acidic. But if a new blend comes in, they know I’ll give it a test.
Because we talk about ideas, big ideas, little sparks, local gossip & global issues. And sometimes, whilst we are talking, there is a book in my hand and sometimes there isn’t. Because they have Rohintron Mistry and Chinese dice; maths books and music. Because buying presents is easier with a recommendation. Because my book eating children are warmly welcomed, and at home. Because.
– Victoria Jakobs

I am a bookaholic who does not want to be cured. Bookshops are for dreaming in, getting lost in, and never leaving. Plus they are a threatened species that need cosseting, visiting and lots of money spent in them.
They give us stories and dreams to lighten the dark day and make perfect the good ones.
Long may these bookshops last.

– Maureen Sudlow

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